Online Auctions

BFB Auctions is the answer to making your fundraising auction a success
We have the experts, the knowledge and the items to turn your event into a huge success. The best part is, your organization receives 100% of the profit OVER THE STARTING BID!

There will be no shortage of items for your auction with BFB Auctions. We will provide you with all the auction items for your event at no cost and no risk to you!

If needed, your organization can still contribute its own donated items to the auction. Your organization will receive 100% of the amount collected from donated items you supply.

How it works

All you need to do is share the auction link we provide with your supporters via email and social media. We handle everything from collecting payment from successful bidders to delivering the auction items to the winners.
You may also include your donated items in the online sealed bid auction. For more info please contact us today.

We want to stress that the risk to your organization is zero!

Your charity does not pay for any of these items in advance or take any responsibility for them.

This is simply a great way to enhance your profits at no cost or risk to you!